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Get a summer of endless connectivity with flexible LTE

 ·28 Nov 2023

Stay connected wherever the Summer break takes you.

At Axxess, you can choose from various LTE services to suit your internet needs to ensure you stay connected on the move or at your favourite holiday destination.

With its ability to support seamless on-the-go connectivity across a wide range of locations, with LTE, you can ensure your digital journey remains uninterrupted.

When you sign up for a Telkom LTE service, you benefit from connectivity that keeps you in touch with your loved ones while you are away.

It also keeps you connected to your business, allowing you to access essential information and stay on top of opportunities.

Axxess has been awarded Telkom’s top LTE seller in South Africa for the third year running, a testament to its commitment to providing exceptional connectivity solutions.

This recognition reflects the popularity of Axxess LTE services, which cater to the diverse needs of South African internet users.

The Power of LTE: Everything you need for on-the-go connectivity

With a MiFi router, you’ll have everything you need for mobile connectivity at your fingertips.

Capable of supporting multiple users at the same time, all your family, friends and visitors can stay connected simultaneously without compromising the speed.

And if you already own an LTE-compatible device, pop in a SIM card, and you’re ready to go—no need to invest in additional hardware.

Are you stuck with poor connectivity at your holiday home?

MTN Fixed LTE’s quick and hassle-free installation process gives you the perfect solution for your holiday home or getaway spot.

With one of the most expansive networks in South Africa, you’ll find coverage almost everywhere.

Avoid the hassle of fixed-line installations and enjoy the convenience and affordability of self-installed LTE.

So, this is the best way to stay connected during holidays or even as a primary internet source for your home if you’re in an area without Fibre access.

Axxess’s RED-E Power Bank: Your Power companion

Never be caught without power again with the Red-E Power Bank.

With its massive 10,000mAh capacity, you can charge your devices multiple times, even during extended power outages.

The Power Delivery 18W fast charging technology ensures your devices are charged quickly and efficiently, while the dual charging ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

The long-life cells of the Red-E Power Bank can be charged up to 500 times, giving you years of reliable use.

The built-in 4 LED light provides up to 100 hours of illumination, perfect for camping trips, emergencies, or load shedding.

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