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Navigating Low-Code and AI Automation with JustSolve

 ·5 Dec 2023

The decision for Enterprises that are looking to take on new tech should not take this lightly.

That is why IT Leaders turn to accredited sources such as Gartner to assist them in decision-making.

The latest Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAPs) report for 2023 by Gartner on the Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms provides a comprehensive comparison, offering invaluable insights for IT and software engineering leaders.

For a detailed analysis of this report and to discover the best low-code platform for your business use case(s), schedule a session with JustSolve’s low-code experts.

Gartner’s Report Overview

The report delves into how LCAPs streamline application development by abstracting reusable software components and steering developer efforts toward business value and outcomes.

It’s a compass for all IT decision-makers, guiding you through the various offerings.

Gartner’s Key Findings

The report uncovers a tapestry of findings, revealing the diverse landscape of the 17 LCAP offerings compared.

These platforms exhibit significant variations in target developer audience, application use cases, and technical components.

These vendors are continuously enhancing the developer experience, with a focus on business process automation, multi-experience development, and integration tools.

As we enter 2024, a key trend emerges — a heightened focus on AI automation and integration, including embedding machine learning (ML) and harnessing generative AI (Gen-AI).

The report evaluates the LCAP vendors based on nine critical capabilities mapped to five primary use cases.

The capabilities include user experience design, development experience, application logic and workflow, DevOps practices, governance, integration and APIs, platform extensibility, security, and quality of service.

JustSolve’s handpicked partnerships

Our partners are standout leaders in the Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) market, excelling in enhancing the developer experience across nine capabilities and gaining top scores in 4 of the 5 top critical business use cases:


  • 1st – Business-to-Employee(B2E) departmental and enterprise applications
  • 1st – Multi-experience applications
  • 1st – Business digitisation, prototyping, and innovation
  • 2nd – Business workflow automation with integration
  • 3rd – Automating B2E Departmental and Workgroup


  • 1st – Automating B2E Departmental and Workgroup

For Business Leaders and IT Executives, this report is invaluable to help them navigate the low-code and automation landscape.

It underscores the significance of evaluating LCAPs based on their ability to meet organisational productivity and application development needs.

The JustSolve Group proudly stands at the forefront of the low-code revolution; they are true pioneers, leading the charge as the first partner in the Middle East and Africa to become OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) certified and as part of the OutSystems Early Access Partner Programme (EAP).

Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by their distinguished position as the number one OutSystems partner in South Africa.

With the honour of being awarded OutSystems Partner of the Year for the fourth consecutive year, JustSolve has consistently delivered value to their clients through “The JustSolve Way”, leaving a lasting impact.

The strategic partnerships with OutSystems and Microsoft have proven to be visionary.

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